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Once parts are checked we could then provide you with a suitable booking date in conjunction with when parts will be arriving. Our Front Desk will be contacting you to explain the repair experience and arrange your drop off and courtesy car needs.

Your vehicle no arrived at the panel beater for repairs

Unseen damages are checked and inner structure repairs are determined. All unseen damages will be sent to assessor for approval.

Required parts are ordered. Please note: special orders can take up to 3 weeks to be delivered.

A computer based measurement system us used to analyse the structure repair of your vehicle. This assures an accurate repair. The unitised body now return back to the factory specifications.

Our trained team ensures a full exterior and interior valet is done on your vehicle leaving your vehicle in showroom condition thereafter moving to the inspection lab . Specialised services are also available in this department such as carpet cleaning and hand waxing .Please enquire with our service advisors for more info.

Outwork Depending on the type of repair work done on your vehicle, your vehicle has to be sent for Wheel Alignment, Aircon Regas, Dealership Checks, Diagnostic.

Final mouldings and detail pieces are attached to the vehicle. All your vehicle's systems are checked. Your vehicle is almost complete and ready for collection. Please note: it is common that further unseen damages can be seen eg. a part has not been quoted for that is damaged - we will inform you if there is anything.

Your vehicle gets painted. Expert preparation is a critical step in the refinishing process of every vehicle. All panels are prepared for refinishing, then primed and sealed to assure good adhesion when the final top colour and clear coats of refinish are applied.

The repairs to the affected body panels will now be repaired and certain panels replaced. In certain cases your vehicle will be placed on a straightening bench to ensure the framework or unibody is restored to its factory specifications using specialiseg measuring tools. Most steel structures are welded, but aluminium structures may be joined using a combination of welds, rivets, and adhesive. Before sending all parts for paint preparation they must be fitted onto the vehicle to ensure all parts are aligned and fit according to manufacturer specifications

Your vehicle gets road tested and final inspection will be done to ensure that your vehicle is completely restored to its pre-accidental condition.

Your vehicle is ready for collection. Only the last bit of paperwork to be completed upon collection, remember your excess to be paid. We have card facilities for your convenience.

Once your claim has been authorised by your insurance company or any 3rd Party settling the damages on your vehicle, this gives us authorisation to start repairs on your vehicle. The authorisation has a detailed description of repairs needed to be undertaken which includes parts , paint , labour and any outsourced requirements needed to repair the vehicle to its pre accident condition.

Once parts are checked we could then provide you with a suitable booking date in conjunction with when parts will be arriving. Our Front Desk will be contacting you to explain the repair experience and arrange your drop off and courtesy car needs.

On receiving authorisation, our parts lab conducts a check on all available parts and delivery times.

We honour your opinions of the experience and would request you share this with us. Our Front desk will be calling you once you have taken delivery of your vehicle to ensure all is good.

Parts can cause delays in the repair process , which is why we prefer to pre order your parts before the repair process begins. Certain parts will require the parts lab to request a sample in which we will discuss these options with you.

your journey with us

We know that you’re probably not having a great time right now, so we do our utmost to make the process of repairing your vehicle as easy and seamless as possible. Should you have any questions regarding the repair or need assistance delivering your vehicle or require our concierge service please do not hesitate to contact us.

our process

insurance claims

When making an insurance claim you will be asked some questions, something like these perhaps:

Is your car damaged? What happened in the accident? Was anyone hurt? Then they will want to know if your car was damaged, and generally where the damage is located. You do not necessarily need to speak in auto terms — you can use terms like “driver’s side,” “passenger’s side,” “front,” “back,” etc.

If the car is seriously damaged, let them know. If the damage is minor, let them know that as well. If you do need to get specific about the damage, below is a detailed photo with some general auto parts you can use as a reference.


Do you have some questions that need answering or just want to find out more information? read the below FAQs.

If I am not insured and involved in an accident with a 3rd Party, what are my options?
What if someone collides into my vehicle and does not have insurance?
How does the quality of aftermarket parts compare with original equipment parts?
Do I have to use the manufacturer’s original equipment parts to keep my warranty valid?